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Thursday, October 27, 2005

More on Miers

It seems she got Earl Warren and Warren Burger confused!

To quote from a Washington Post story:

In an initial chat with Miers, according to several people with knowledge of the exchange, Leahy asked her to name her favorite Supreme Court justices. Miers responded with "Warren" - which led Leahy to ask her whether she meant former Chief Justice Earl Warren, a liberal icon, or former Chief Justice Warren Burger, a conservative who voted for Roe v. Wade [McReadie The American Politics Geek Comment - This is the Supreme Court case which established a woman's right to an abortion]. Miers said she meant Warren Burger, the sources said.

The story slipped by without me noticing, but fortunately this Time article clued me in, and means I can now mock her on another level. How can you confuse the Mighty Warren with the Amusingly Named Burger? How, Harriet? How?

To be clear, Ms Miers, here's a crib sheet for future reference:

- Earl Warren: Hero of McReadie. Probably the best Supreme Court justice in the world. If ever asked the question: "Who's your favourite Supreme Court justice?", there is clearly only one answer. It's Earl all the way.
- Warren Burger: Moderate conservative judge. McReadie likes his name, and appreciates his ruling against Nixon's claim of executive privilege during Watergate, and his stance on Roe v Wade. Not wild, however, about the way he started to undo Earl's valuable work on the rights of the accused and religion and state.


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