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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oooo, And Another Thing

Fire Blanket has also created a fabulous game called More = Bad. I realise that I have been playing it for a few years without even knowing. The ultimate aim is to attend a film screening where you're the only one there.

Like Fire Blanket, I have never achieved this - but have come close a few times. My best result is when I went to see Game Over: Kasparov and The Machine at the Croydon Clocktower. Attendance? Two. Including me.

I almost thought I was going to achieve a screening all to myself recently, when I went to see Whisky. My experience sounds similar to Fire Blanket's description of seeing Last Life in the Universe. I too arrived early (as usual) and took my seat. The film didn't start at the expected time. I began to worry that I was at the wrong screen. I double checked my ticket. I was in the right place. I then experienced a strange sense of euphoria - it was going to be just me and the projectionist! My anxiety had passed, and I was preparing for the ultimate cinema experience - a private showing.

And then three other people turned up. And the film started. Sigh.


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