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Monday, November 07, 2005

McReadie: Moderating Comments

It seems that comment spam is the new Internet annoyance. No longer is "Cheep Presc1p1ion Drug" confined to our inbox. Now it's on our blogs too. Sigh.

Blogger has introduced a word verification feature to try and get round the problem. However, I hate word verification - especially Blogger's, since the "words" are often in a font which makes them near impossible to reproduce accurately - and so I resisted turning it on. I also thought it would discourage the Nugget Faithful (all four and a half of you) from commenting.

I find today, however, that the folks at Blogger have introduced a commment modification feature.

This I have turned on. So if you notice that your comments seem to hang around in limbo for a while before appearing - that'd be why. It's a pain, but it's less damaging to my ego than me clicking on the comment link only to find spam.


  • At 2:07 PM, Blogger fire blanket said…

    Who's the half in the 'four and a half' of the Nugget Faithful? Is it a small person you're having a dig at? (NB: Miss Pot, meet Mr Kettle). Hang on, for that matter, who are the other four? If people are to branded in such a way, surely they should be made aware of it? People have reputations to consider......

  • At 2:55 PM, Blogger McReadie said…


    I actually plucked the four and a half figure out of the air for comedy value.

    The half was intended to represent those who occasionally stumble across McReadie Nuggets. Or perhaps my family, whose faithfulness to Nuggets is by and large due to being related to me, and therefore perhaps shouldn't be counted in the same way.

    But if we're looking at regular commenters, I'd say it is about four:

    Jo from Hidden Words

    So there.


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