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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Oh, Raj...

Love Raj Persaud. Have done for many years. So many reasons to like the guy. Raises the profile of mental health issues. Works at the Maudsley. Seems like a thoroughly nice guy. And - discovered today - he was born in Reading!

So I was a little distressed when I read that everyone's favourite TV psychiatrist is embrolled in somewhat of a scandal. He's been accused of plagarism, and I have to say that the evidence is fairly damning.

Oh, Raj. What happened? You have eight degrees, for Chrissake. You must know that in the peculiar world of academia, plagarism is the normal world equivalent of murder. I do believe it still carries the death penalty. An apology has been offered by The Good Doctor. Let's hope he's forgiven. In the same way I've forgiven him for the very freaky abstract photo of him on his website. Presumably the abstract approach was taken so as not to look too arrogant but, honestly, the result is just frightening. Thankfully, I'm not feeling too obsessive or anxious today. Had I visited the site on a day when I was feeling a bit mentally off - well, that scary picture could have been enough to tip me over the edge.


  • At 12:58 PM, Blogger BSingh said…

    Like you, I love the man and his wise writings. His articles and books and forewords are generous with credits, sometimes I think too much so, as many who are acquainted with them will agree. He writes a lot and mistakes are possible. I prefer to believe his claim that it was inadvertently done. I noticed that the original study was done by Millard and Raj mentioned him prominently so I cannot understand the fuss. I hope he is not deterred.


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