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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Charles Kennedy

About half an hour ago, Charles Kennedy - leader of the Liberal Democrats here in the UK - made a statement. I've got a whole lot of time for the Lib Dems - heck, realistically I am one - but I have to admit that I can laugh at 'em. They're the baby party. The underdogs. The guys we know haven't got a hope of getting it.

So when the Lib Dems make a statement, you don't expect it to be big news. You expect it to be a proposal to add 2p to income tax to fund recycling.

Well, tonight's statement bucked the trend. Charles Kennedy's statement included an admission that he has been struggling with a drink problem for a while, and an announcement that there will now be a leadership election at his request.

I like Charles Kennedy. And I liked his statement. And I hope he wins.


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