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Monday, February 27, 2006

And The Award For Most Impressive Level Of Anxiety Goes To...

I don't mean to boast, but I'm pretty damn good at this anxiety thing. We all know that I, personally, am very good at severe anxiety. But I don't stop there. Oh no. I'm also able to suffer anxiety - most effectively - on behalf of others. Now, at this point, you're probably thinking: "Well, I can do that. No big deal. I get nervous on behalf of my friend/partner/relative all the time". Fair enough. But do you get nervous on behalf of people you've never met? I thought not. See now, that is a trick McReadie is perfectly capable of performing.

I bring this all up because, for the past few weeks, I have become increasingly nervous on behalf of Jon Stewart. Though I often refer to Mr Stewart by his first name - in the same way I refer to Lance and, er, Earl by their first names - I do not know the man personally. Sure, using the broad McReadie definition of "met", Jon and I are close buddies, but using the more widely accepted definition of "met", I am no more than a rather long-term fan of the man.

Here's the thing: my ol'buddy Jon is hosting the Oscars. This Sunday. And I'm nervous for the guy. I don't want his name to be dragged up alongside that of another one of my comedy heroes - David Letterman - in articles about hosts who've bombed at the Oscars.

Now those of us with brains know that the man is hilarious. So too are Ben Karlin and David Javerbaum - two writers from the Daily Show who are also writing for the Oscars gig, and whom I have also, ahem, "met". My only worry is that the sort of idiots attending the Oscars and, indeed, the idiots watching at home, may not realise the genius in front of them. If this happens, the pain will only be worsened by the large amount of evidence that, as well as being brilliantly witty, Stewart is a very nice man.

The good news is that the man himself doesn't seem to be nervous. He seems to be going in with "what's the worst that could happen?" kind of attitude that was advocated by my mental health care dudes. I congratulate him on this. I am trying to take a leaf out of his book and not worry.

But I can't help it. I am worried. For a man I've never met. The only bigger disappointment than Jon bombing on Sunday night will be me failing to win the Oscar on Sunday for "Most Impressive Level of Anxiety". G'luck, Jon.

PS. If any of you have Stewart's book Naked Pictures of Famous People (and the answer to my Mother's question: "Is it really naked pictures of famous people?" is a "no"), check out "The Recipe" - will he be following this come Sunday?


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