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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wabbits? Weally?

The mystery of the current Yahoo! Mail Seasonal Tableau continues. Fire Blanket thinks The Three Bundles of Mystery are, in fact, not mysterious at all but are rabbits. Eating. Sideways on. Obviously.

BB however, remains unconvinced by this thesis and, so, I'm sorry to say, do I. I cite in support of my argument, firstly, BB's "no visible wabbit ears" theory. One would expect a depiction of a wabbit, even when sideways on, to feature ears prominently. Instead, I see a head which appears to have a beak. Secondly, I feel that the Bundles of Mystery are too big to be rabbits, especially when viewed alongside those animals in the Tableau that we have positively identified as our fluffy tailed friends. Thirdly, I feel the colouring and body shape is wrong for a wabbit. They seem too big.

As a result, I'm afraid I must declare that the Grand Yahoo! Mail Seasonal Tableau Mystery of 2006 continues. I am willing to accept any alternative explanations, and will reconsider Fire Blanket's Wabbit Theory if further evidence is offered in its support.

I am also looking into ways to contact Yahoo! to solve this mystery. Unfortunately, they have wisely hidden their contact details from public view - perhaps they're worried about having their time wasted by, say, people enquiring about their Seasonal Mail Tableau - and ask for all press enquiries to be directed to an external PR agency. I have decided, to give myself an ego boost, to consider McReadie Nuggets a publication and myself thus a member of the press. My experience of external PR agencies is not positive, but I am willing to go to any lengths to uncover the truth, even if it means conversing with a PR agency full of posh and thick stuck up public school idiots who are back stabbing and thoroughly unpleasant and insincere. Scum.

Five minutes later
OK, in retrospect, I should not have written that past sentence. I was planning to include a link to the blog in any contact with the PR agency, in order to show what a big press outlet they're dealing with here, and to demonstrate that this issue has become the talk of the entire world (well, OK, of London, Bath, and New Zealand). My Spidey senses tell me that they may be less inclined to help me having read my diatribe on PR people.

Fire Blanket - on second thought, mark me down for a copy of "Bang Your Life Into Shape", and send it over to me with urgency.


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  • At 6:00 PM, Blogger fire blanket said…

    I need to add more?

    OK (deep breath). The mystery does not continue. It has been solved. Really. Let's demolish the objections one at a time, shall we?

    The whole 'no visible ears' thing. They're lop rabbits - their ears aren't meant to stick up. They're clearly visible hanging down the side of their little wabbity faces.

    One head has a beak. Oh. Dear. Lord. Yes, you could argue this, but only if you ignore the fact that the grass in front of the rabbit is obscuring some of its face, creating the 'optical illusion' of a beak.

    They're too big to be rabbits, especially compared with the already identified specimens. Except that you're comparing rabbits sideways on with rabbits viewed head on. Rabbits are long. Deal with it.

    The colouring and shape are all wrong. No. No. No. Pop in 'Holland Lop' on the Google Images page, sit back, scan the pictures, and if you can't see the exact same colouration, I'm a Dutchman.


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